Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I won something:)

Whoo hoo! I won a print from the lovely and talented Jessica Doyle of her blog! I think this is what I won, but even if it's not her work is AMAZING and I'll be stoked with whatever she sends me!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

yum... Jeff Dye...

Ok, so this is totally not business or craft related whatsoever but...

I must profess my love for Jeff Dye. He is on Last Comic Standing on NBC and he is friggin' HILARIOUS! Plus, not too shabby to look at... right ladies???

And, for an extra brownie point, he is from Seattle! I should take him out for a tall vanilla latte... (if you saw him on LCS then you would so get that joke...c'mon..)

Anywho, go get a bib so you can start drooling over his picture...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bulletin Board#1- 10 City Swap

Sorry for the delay in getting some pics up for the Etsy 10 City Promo Swap.

This is the first bulletin board, I will be going to my local library and try putting the others up on there as well this week!

This board is at Bastyr University, one of their public buletin boards. I thougth it would be good with all the students, staff/faculty, and general public that walk by it.

New Item...

Introducing my new Ouch Relievers...

They are unscented, filled with wheat berries, and can be heated up or put in the freezer for your little ones who get a cut, scrape, bug bite, headache, or whatever!

Will be up in my Etsy shop soon...well, as soon as my computer and Etsy can get along with one another :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coming soon..

Just a quick post to catch you up on my life:)

I got food poisoning and thus oculd not attend this week's Farmer's Market, it bummed me out.

My local Etsy Street Team (EtsyRain) is working on some pretty cool things, look for updates on my blog :)

One of my fellow etsyrainians, Katie, is going to be my table-mate at the Seattle Crave Party on August 13, 2008. Yes it's a Wednesday, but it's 6-9:30pm so you have plenty of time Ladies to get out to Seattle after work!
For more info and to buy tickets online go visit their website at CraveParty.com

I'm super excited for the Crave party and thus will need to get my butt into high gear and sew sew sew!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Etsy Addicts

Just doing a "reminder" post about the great blog called Etsy Addicts!

Feel free to check out some great sellers and shops!

Also, feel free to refer any great shops you know of!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Etsy 10 City Promo Swap

Now I must admit, when I first saw AlwaysAmy's thread on the Etsy forums about the 10 City Swap I was scared. Mainly because I didn't HAVE any fliers or promos to really send out for someone to post on their local bulletin boards for me...
However, instead I took it as a new challenge to myself to create my own flyer for LoveMeKnot Creations.

So what is this 10 City Swap you ask??
It's where 10 people send the other 9 their shop's promos to post on bulletin boards. You in return, will recieve 9 other shop's promos that you must post on your local bulletin boards. The only rules are that you must send at least one promo and you must also post the promos on at least 2 different boards.
There was a pretty big response so AlwaysAmy divided us into 3 groups, and here are the other shop's that are in my group, group #1:


I'm waiting on a few more promos to come in the mail, then I'll post some pics and updates!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Bucket List...

So I actually stumbled upon the Bucket List idea on Confession of an Apron Queen's blog via Wonderfully Sew Knit's blog. (Although, I already knew of the movie)
I think this is a GREAT idea to really help remind everybody to live life and to live for Today.

So, here is my Bucket List:
1. Travel. Especially Australia and Italy.
2. Open up my own cafe, with live music every night :)
3. To be my own boss, no more 9-5 for me!
4. To make a great speech in front of a packed house (<--- scarrry but some reason I want to do it)
5. Work at or volunteer at a Wildlife refuge.
6. To try and finish a marathon.
7. To try parasailing

I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's my List for now!