Saturday, June 27, 2009

the daring baker...

So I just stumbled across this great monthly contest called the Daring Baker (and Daring Cook if you're not into baking), and I just registered/ applied to participate for it, wish me luck :)

"What IS the Daring Baker/Cook?"

Ahh, great question... It's a monthly recipe challenge and each month a different blogger hosts the challenge and picks the ingredient/recipe. The challenge is announced on the 1st, and your item must be posted to your blog with photos on the 27th.

I'm uber-excited because not only do I LOVE baking and cooking, but I think this will help me get out of my same-ol'-same-ol' cooking rut and also hopefully make my blog more, sicne you are required to do at least 8 our of 12 challenges in your year (i.e. I start July, so I must do 8 challenges by next July)

Anyone feel like joining me on this lil' adventure in cooking/baking/blogging?

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few updates...

A few quick updates on LMKC...

- Opening Day for the Mukilteo Farmer's Market was fantastic in terms of the new location, the weather, and the crowds of people. There was a *gasp* ICE CREAM VENDOR! I forgot the name, I believe it is Whidbey Island Ice Cream or something along those lines.... I bought a pint of their Almond Vanilla ice cream, very good!

- This Wednesday is MY opening Day at South County Market, so go visit me!

- I'm working on a super-secret-project.
(Alright, not really a secret. And if I took pictures of it I would have shown you...
But LMKC will be screen-printing tshirts within the next few months, yay! I did a few test runs yesterday and am quite happy with them.)

-I've been on a bread-making trip these past few weeks, and will be sharing some photos and recipes of what I have made and what I want to make.
I love food.

- I want to do some craft shows in the Fall/Winter, so I've been scouring the Internet for local shows I can possibly sign up for. I'll be posting the dates of ones I apply for and get accepted to :)
(pssst.....I am seriously considering applying for UCU this year, yay! And if you are in Seattle and don't know what UCU is, go here , they have an August show, but I want to do the BIG December show.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Opening Day!!

I know, I know...
It's been MONTHS. but that just means I've been uber-busy, right??
Well, that's my story at least...

So just a quick update before I head out, today is the opening day for BOTH farmer's markets I will be participating in this Summer!

Mukilteo Market (second year for me)
Wednesdays 3p-7pm

South County Market
Wednesdays 4p-Dusk

"Well Lindsey how can you do two markets on the same day?"

I'm probably going to be switching every other week between the two.

Tentative Mukilteo dates:
June 3, 17
July 1, 15, 29
August 12, 26
September 9, 23

Tentative South County dates:
June 10, 24
July 8, 22
August 5, 19
September 2, 16, 30

Things happen, stuff comes up, so these are tentative for now, but if anything changes I'll post it :)

Thank you!