Monday, June 8, 2009

A few updates...

A few quick updates on LMKC...

- Opening Day for the Mukilteo Farmer's Market was fantastic in terms of the new location, the weather, and the crowds of people. There was a *gasp* ICE CREAM VENDOR! I forgot the name, I believe it is Whidbey Island Ice Cream or something along those lines.... I bought a pint of their Almond Vanilla ice cream, very good!

- This Wednesday is MY opening Day at South County Market, so go visit me!

- I'm working on a super-secret-project.
(Alright, not really a secret. And if I took pictures of it I would have shown you...
But LMKC will be screen-printing tshirts within the next few months, yay! I did a few test runs yesterday and am quite happy with them.)

-I've been on a bread-making trip these past few weeks, and will be sharing some photos and recipes of what I have made and what I want to make.
I love food.

- I want to do some craft shows in the Fall/Winter, so I've been scouring the Internet for local shows I can possibly sign up for. I'll be posting the dates of ones I apply for and get accepted to :)
(pssst.....I am seriously considering applying for UCU this year, yay! And if you are in Seattle and don't know what UCU is, go here , they have an August show, but I want to do the BIG December show.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeap, the Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company... they have the BEST Ice Cream & they sell it at all the markets & most stores on the Island. My son asks for some every week. They have a website too I am hoping to walk across the ferry to check it out this week!