Friday, January 18, 2008

First Sale!

I was quite happy when i logged onto Etsy yesterday afternoon and saw my Chocolate Tiffany Wheat Bag sold! I do now have another item up for sale, I call it the Sherbert Paisley Muscle Relief Wheat Bag. ( I was advised by a fellow etsian to add Muscle Relief to my title to draw borwsers in....see?  I do listen!)

I am working on some more with the other fabrics I have (posted down below). 
I am all for Custom Orders, s if you have specific color scheme and/or 'flavor' (essential oil smell...) please let me know by contacting me on etsy and I will make a special listing just for you!

Sorry, I have no photos to post.... but imagine my smiley face with curly hair and pj's on!


RandomNotions said...

wow i am so happy for you !!! (a little jealous but...) soo sooo happy for you! congrats!

Amy Yang said...

Yay! Congratulations on your first sale :)

Tizzalicious said...

Congrats! That must have been exciting to find out!

Veronika said...

Hello and congratulations!
I have sold two bracelets last night and I am excited about it as well but the first sale is the best one anyway:)
Good luck, I wish you more and more sales!!!


Regal Beads said...

and , I am part of a challenge where we all feature each other, it's really fun :)

Spa Therapy Works said...

Congrats on your first sale!!

RandomNotions said...

i am anxiously awaiting your further creations so i can by something

Jen / MintTrim said...

You need to put more stuff up for sale so I can feature you on my blog too. I love your fabric choices.

I made one sale my first week on etsy in December but I have not sold anything since then :(

I hope your sales keep up!

Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

Congratulations on your first sale!! There will be many more to come...what a great feeling to sell what we design and make with our hands! :)
Celeste (Crickets)

casserole said...

congratulations!!! the first sale is sooo delicious!!