Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Belated Bday EtsyRain!

So yesterday was my local street team's 1st birthday, and I'm a nerd and totally forgot to post about it! *sorry!*

Happy Birthday EtsyRain!

We are a wonderful group of crafters in the Seattle metro area who all discuss, talk, share, play, craft, and hang out together.

One year ago it all started with about 20 members, but as of yesterday, we are closing in 400!!!


Just to brag about how awesome EtsyRain is....

We are a very active street team, who fully supports one another. We are having our own EtsyRain craft show on october 12, 2008 (two days after my birthday I might add), so feel free to come on by! It will be at St Edward's State Park in Kenmore, WA.

For our birthday celebration, we decided to do a reverse birthday gift and send a big ol' box of etsyrain gooies from various shops to the Etsy Admins back in New York! We included a disposable camera so they could take pics of themselves while opening the gift and trying things on ;) We all hope they really enjoy our gift, and see just how talented the Seattle EtsyRain team is!!

EtsyRain has done a few shows already this year, and I can't wait for the October one!

Whoo hoooooo!


Itaya said...

Yaaaayyyy Team EtsyRain! :)

Hello fellow Etsy Rainer! I'm adding you to my artblog under Etsy shops. :)

Very cute things you have going here!
Take care,

Kathy Martin Studio said...

Cool team! =) When it rains it pours! =)